Friday, November 2, 2007

It Hurts When I PvP

So, as a follow-up to last time, I was unable to obtain a good replacement helm for my Retadin during Hallow's End. Furthermore, my schedule doesn't allow me enough time to run instances to gear up. As for Arena, it's an unfortunate fact of life that most players /lol at Retadins (whether or not such a reaction is deserved). The only option open to me to get some decent endgame gear is PvP Battlegrounds, and lots of them.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal; kill Horde and eventually get a nice set of Dungeon Set 3-equivalent gear. There was only one unforseen problem in my plan:

The Alliance sucks at PvP.

Ok, maybe that's an overly broad generalization. Let's rephrase, slightly:

The Alliance in the Stormstrike battlegroup have no sense of teamwork or cohesion whatsoever, meaning that the Horde steamroll us with minimal effort.

Every Warsong Gulch is either a turtle or a midfield orgy; the only thing I see in Arathi Basin is scattered offense and a hell of a lot of fighting on the road; Alterac Valley's offense usually peters out and, once we lose our graveyards, becomes a humongous turtlefest. As for Eye of the Storm, watch the entire Alliance team gather around the (empty) flag spawn, despite having no base to return the flag to (if we ever manage to pick up and hold on to the damn thing in the first place).

The constant losing might be tolerable if I were actually able to, you know, kill some Horde. Unfortunately, Ret pallies admittedly have a lot of weaknesses. As an entirely melee-based class, against casters I'm helpless once I've burned my stuns. (The "retnoob" comments from my own teammates are a nice grinding of salt into my wounds.)

I'm hoping I'll start kicking ass once my gear improves, but until then, I've got untold hours upon hours of painful battleground losses to endure.

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