Saturday, December 8, 2007

Outland Greens, gotta love them

As the crunch of school deepens, I find less and less time to update this. For today's entry, I merely present two items: Alcor's Sunrazor, an "old world" BoE epic that requres level 58, and Cross Pommel Dagger, a BoE green from Outland that also requires level 58.

Alcor's Sunrazor
One-Hand Dagger
41-77 Damage Speed 1.30
(45.4 damage per second)
Requires Level 58
Chance on hit: Blasts your target for 75 to 105 Fire damage.
Item Level 63

Cross Pommel Dagger of the Bandit
One-Hand Dagger
54-101 Damage Speed 1.70
(45.6 damage per second)
+8 Agility
+12 Stamina
+16 Attack Power
Requires Level 58
Item Level 84

Oh, and the green? It's about 10g on the auction house, typically. The epic? 500, if you're lucky.

While the vividness of that comparison sinks in, I'll go ahead and study. Don't worry, I'll be back. In the meantime, I hope now you see why you shouldn't blow your entire wad on any pre-BC epic...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Alone in the Dark(moon Faire)

...which I never was. Good thing, too, because the Darkmoon Faire is loads of fun. Drive a little Tonk around and take potshots at others, get your fortune told, even shoot yourself out of a cannon! The only thing missing is copious amounts of cheap alcohol, oh wait, they have that too! Should you be lucky enough to have finished one of the Darkmoon Card decks, now's the time to turn them in and receive your awesome-sauce epic trinket. And to top it all off, two vendors sell much sought-after items in limited supply. My Paladin, in pre-BC days, once wore the Darkmoon Necklace, and for only 5 gold to boot! There are also potions, scrolls, herbs, leather, and rare-quality gems available for purchase on a timer.

The cutthroat nature of WoW gold, however, means that someone's always camping the vendor for the blue gems. It's a shame that some people simply cannot allow the less fortunate WoW players the joy of finding a blue on the Darkmoon vendors. On several visits to the Darkmoon Faire I spotted a level 1 bank toon from one of Thrall's more prestigious guilds staking out a spot right in front of the vendor. It's pathetic that a player actually exists out there who will sit for hours before a vendor just to buy the Noble Topaz (or whatever) when it spawns. (I mean I farm for gems and ore and stuff, but at least I'm not going out of my way to screw less fortunate players out of rares when I do it.)

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't be a prick. Buy the blue gem if you see it--lucky you--but shit, don't camp the vendor for it. Get a virtual life, c'mon!