Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Look at me, I'm a Warlock!

Once upon a time, in the early days of WoW, Warlocks were actually a very underpowered class. Around patch 1.8, the collective lock community had a big whine session on the official forums crying about the nerfiness of the Warlock. So what happened? Did Blizzard acknowledge this emo outburst the way they normally do, with a blue post saying something to the effect of, "The Warlock class is functioning as intended, we apologize for the inconvenience"?

In a word, no.

Since Patch 1.9, the Warlock has been by far the most overpowered class in WoW. Combine the Hunter's ability to command a pet (which can, depending on the situation, tank, DPS, or even be sacrificed to heal) with shadow priest-like DoT spells, fear effects, and health drains (AND a soulstone rez, for crying out loud), and you get, in effect, an unstoppable machine. Oh, let's not forget the Infernal summon, Dark Pact, 5k Shadowbolt crits...

For their truly epic unbalancing of the WoW classes, I hope the entire Warlock Development Team at Blizzard got fired...out of a cannon.

I mean, what are we supposed to do against a lock? By the time a melee class got close enough to take a swing, he's already got 5 DoTs stacked on him, ticking for, oh, 1k a second? Should the lock then feel he's still in trouble, hey, why not drop a fear bomb, and for good measure, sling a Shadowbolt once the fear is about to expire.

I'm not annoyed at Blizz for buffing Warlocks so heavily though; I'm more pissed that certain other classes that have every right to complain about being underpowered are going unnoticed...

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