Saturday, November 10, 2007

Look at me, I'm a Retadin...oh I'm dead already?

So Patch 2.3 will supposedly make the Retribution build endgame-viable. I suppose it will, although that's not to say we will suddenly be hot stuff in PvP. The biggest change on the table seems to be a reduction in cooldown for Crusader Strike from 10 to 6 seconds, and a 30% threat reduction incorporated into our 35-point talent.

None of the changes, however, remedy our inherent weakness. Sure, we do good burst damage, wear plate, can toss out an odd heal, and even bubble should the situation warrant it. But retadins aren't like Shock pallies, who have 5/5 Spiritual Focus, 12k+ armor and 10k+ mana pools to draw from. A Holy Light that would take 8% of a Shockadin's mana pool and 2.5 seconds to heal around 3500, would take maybe 15% of a Retadin's mana and upwards of 5 seconds to heal around 2500. In other words, if a Retadin's in combat, he has no hope of getting a heal off (unlike shockadins and druids), unless he bubbles or burns a stun.

Moreover, Warriors can Mortal Strike, and Rogues can stack Wound Poison, thereby eliminating the benefit of stun-healing. The planned 15% increased movement speed benefit of Pursuit of Justice is rendered moot by Hamstring or Crippling Poison.

Sure, you say, but you have a bubble! Isn't that good enough? Sure, until you bubble and heal (using up the last of your mana and reducing yourself to weak white attacks), and watch as the Warrior or Rogue bandages, reenters stealth, runs away, etc.

And against casters, forget it. Frostbolts, fears, PoM pyroblasts, DoTs...It's a miracle if I can even land a single melee swing on a caster, much less kill one.

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