Saturday, November 17, 2007

How we can stop being a joke, part 2

Some ideas, I'll just throw them out there...

*Increase the cost of Crusader Strike slightly, but give it a chance to daze the target, increase Holy damage taken, silence/interrupt spellcasting, etc.
*Decrease the cooldown of Repentance, or
*Remove the breaks-on-damage stipulation from Repentance, but reduce its duration slightly, or
*Replace Repentance with a ranged attack, for example:
Chastise (Rank 1): 280 Mana, 2.5 sec cast, 30 yd range, 15 sec cooldown. Causes 262 to 314 Holy damage to the target and reduces its movement speed by 30% for 10 sec. Higher ranks cost more mana, but deal more damage. Or,
*Repentance instead reduces the target's movement speed for 10 sec. It doesn't matter, as long as it's changed. Repentance is FAR too weak to justify it being a 31-point talent.
*Rather than reduce stats, Vindication should increase casting time and/or reduce movement speed by 5/10/15%. (Most bosses are already immune, so this shouldn't radically up-end raiding.)
*Give Eye for an Eye a 15/30% chance to stun, fear, etc. whenever the Paladin is stunned, feared, etc.
*Make Hammer of Wrath useable against any target, not just those nearly dead, but reduce its +spell damage coefficient (so that healadins don't get 3k Hammer of Wrath crits), or
*Remove Hammer of Wrath's casting restriction, but instead make it castable only after someone in your group lands a killing blow, or
*Leave Hammer of Wrath as is, but remove its 6 second cooldown. Warriors already have Execute; why can't Pallies HoW spam to the same effect?

Most of these ideas are attempts to remedy the Retribution Paladin's sorry lack of ranged ability and CC. I'd be happy to see even one of them considered by Blizz. Here's to patch 2.4!

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