Wednesday, October 31, 2007

(Better) Lessons from Hallow's End

So I had a bit of a /rant session last time, but that's not to say I hate the seasonal events with a passion. Hallow's End is, in my opinion, one of the better seasonal events that takes place in the WoWverse. It has something to offer every player, from the Level 10 warrior in grays to the epiced-out 70s on 320% flying mounts. Mainly because of the free stuff. Okay, maybe I never did get my Horseman's Helm, but I did stumble upon a Ring of Ghoulish Delight and a Witches Band, both of which are equivalent to rings you'd have to pay 15 Badges of Justice for--and The Headless Horseman is by no means as difficult to down as a Heroic boss, much less 15.

Don't despair if you aren't 70 yet! Free stuff for all! Especially if you're level 30 or below and haven't found anything to fill your Helmet slot yet, find an Innkeeper and trick-or-treat. If you're lucky you'll find one of many available masks. Be a Tauren rogue for a day! Failing that, you may find a wand that'll transform any player into a bat, a wisp, a pirate, a ninja...Even the worst loot, the candy, is useful because it scales nicely as you level up. Or head for Goldshire and hunt down the Squashed Pumpkin Loot. Inside you'll find some Weighted Jack O' Lanterns that you can squash onto people's heads and, if you're lucky, a Rickety Magic Broom! Finally a mount for under-40s! (Disclaimer, mount doesn't actually go faster than walking. Keyword, "rickety" magic broom.)

So, I may never have gotten my helm, but that's okay. Free stuff is good no matter what.

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