Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lessons from Hallow's End

People are greedy assholes. Oh, and they desperately want to feel superior to you.

Hell, you probably already knew that. I certainly did, even before I made the trek up to Scarlet Monastery in hopes of finding a group to take down the Headless Horseman. I was such a naïve, idealistic Paladin back then, knowing that even if I was in a group with a healadin or a prot Warrior, they'd let the DPS plate wearer have it.

Can you see my mistake? Actually, there's more than one. The obvious glaring error was assuming that a member of a PUG will pass on an epic that they might, conceivably, once in a great while, find occasion to equip when there's someone who will wear it 100% of the time also in the group. This is what everyone and his Murloc non-combat pet calls the "OMG hunter lewtz" mentality. Sure, everyone makes fun of the huntard who equips an epic two-hander with no stats because "its teh epicz!!!111!!one" but the sad thing is I've actually had tankadins, prot warriors, and healadins say they wanted the helm and would roll against legitimate plate DPS...and no one makes fun of their huntard-esque noobiness.

The second error, and the much more crippling one, was assuming I'd be able to find a group. You'd be surprised how many people are so desperate for personal validation that they'll floccinaucinililpilify the Retribution paladin. Or, as they called me, "Retardadin," "noobadin," "lawlret," etc. Aside from proudly showing off their own ignorance, these insults do nothing but insult themselves, for the simple reason that despite what they seem to think, yes, I can DPS. I don't mean to brag in the least, but in instances I top the DPS meter more often than not, beating out Rogues, Hunters, Warlocks, even Mages--all while relegating myself to the task of off-tank or backup healer as necessary. So if I'm a "retardadin" and I'm beating you on the DPS list, what's that make you?

Oh, I already answered that. A person who desperately wants to feel superior. And you're probably a greedy asshole, too. /fart

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