Friday, October 12, 2007

Who is this guy and what's he think he's doing?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog, The World of Warcraft Times. To make a long story short, it's always seemed to me that the world has too many computer-game blogs written in a "serious" light, where the writer insists he's the pwnage and anyone who disagrees (or, heaven forbid, plays the game because it's fun and not just to mock those who aren't uber leet) isn't worthy of holding a mouse. Well, I'm not what you'd call a serious player by any means, and my goal here isn't to belittle anyone just because they aren't in full Tier 6. God knows I'll never have that kind of gear anyway.

No, what I want to do here is have fun in the name of WoW. I uncover the latent humor that's inherent in this game we play, wherever it lurks--PvP Battlegrounds, instances, Outland, or some remote corner of Kalimdor--and make it accessible to every player. I get in depth with topics that are usually only /w, er, whispered about: gold farming, power leveling, item duplication, GM duping. (No, I won't advocate any of them, but I will poke fun at the people who do.)

Yeah, that's all well and good. You might even be interested in reading future posts now. But I can hear you mumbling, "Fine, but who is this Kefra guy, and how dare he presume to write about WoW when I bet he's some lowbie 11-year-old sharing his older brother's account!" Fair enough. This is who I am:

Kefra, Level 70 Human Paladin. Retribution spec. Not great gear, but pretty decent considering how often I get to run instances (roughly three times per ice age). It's always a surprise to my group when I top the damage meters: "omg a retardadin out dps'd me wtf"

Skeeve, Level 70 Human Mage. Hybrid, Arcane/Fire build. Even worse gear, but at least I managed to make the Spellfire set. Has more epics than my main, but also still has several greens, /sigh. If I burn my cooldowns, I can get a Pyroblast to crit around 4700. It ain't a 10k Shadowbolt, but it's not bad, either.

Minikefra, Level 70 Human Warrior (yes, I am aware I have a human fetish). Protection spec. Truly pathetic gear. It looks half-decent but most of it was bought off the auction house, so meh. And before you ask, I'm a horrible tank. I was press-ganged into tank spec by my guild and have yet to get the hang of it...

Tatsuo, Level 59 Night Elf (gasp!) Rogue. Combat spec. Tatsuo's my semi-twink (which is my way of saying I'm too cheap to hit 60 and shell out 640 gold for yet another epic mount). Besides, it's fun to stunlock stuff in Arathi Basin, and 59 is the only level bracket that hasn't been flooded with twinks...yet. Plus, it's ridiculously easy to twink 59, with Outland greens besting epics.

Aragom, Level 19 Human Warrior. Weird spec. He used to be my brother's, until he quit. I twinked him as best I could, but seeing as he's about 85% of the way to level 20, that rules out a lot of quest-reward twink gear. (No, he doesn't have a Sentry Cloak. Would you pay 150 gold for 2 agility?)

I like to think I have a fair amount of WoW experience and lore to share. Stay tuned, the actual content is coming soon.

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